All of the other meals we serve in our nearby Kogoj Inn. Guests can choose full or half-board or they can order ala carte dishes. When you order ala carte dishes you can use your 10% discount which you get at the Bed & Breakfast Kogoj reception.

Bigger groups can choose one of the menues below (they are sorted according to price), or we can create a menu based on your wishes(athletes, etc.).


(PRICE 10,00€)

1. Asparagus/leek/mushroom soup (seasonal selection) * Wiener schnitzel * Summer potatoes, side dish * Lettuce * Gibanica
2. Jota * Pork roast, mashed potatoes, carrots * Chicory * Crape
3. Beef soup * Grilled turkey, grilled polenta, peas * Beetroot * Fruit salad
4. Vegetable soup * Fried hake, potatoes, chard * Chicory, egg * Fruit
5. Minestrony * Ljubljana steak, pommes frittes * Cream slice

(PRICE 13,00€)

1. Pasta with goulash * Pork roast, mashed potatoes, spinach * Lettuce and beans * Apple roll
2. Gnocchi with Blue cheese * Roast beef in onion sauce, rice, peas * Tomato salad * Cream slice
3. Spaghetti matrizzana * Grilled chicken, semolina dumplings, carrots * Cabbage and beans salad * Ice cream
4. Caneloni with proscutto and cream * Barbecued meat, mashed potatoes, gratinated cauliflower * Lettuce * Fruit cake
5. Penne Rigate with tomato * Turkey in cream sauce, fritters, brocoli * Beetroot * Chocolate cake
6. Gnocchi with mushrooms * Roast beef with sauce, semolina medallions, spinach * Zucchini with salad dressing * Ice cream
7. Rice with asparagus/leek/mushrooms * Pork roast in garlic sauce, twocolor polenta * Chicory and beans salad * Strawberries

(PRICE 17,00€)

Menues from above with soup or menues below with soup and without one appetizer.

(PRICE 19,00€)

1. Seafruit salad * Trout, butter potatoes, chard * Lettuce * Fruit salad
2. Proscutto and cheese * Gnocchi with mushrooms * Pork tenderloin in green pepper, bread dumplings, peas * Cauliflower salad * Dessert
3. Cheese plate * Spaghetti with tomato and olives * Roast beef with mushrooms, mashed potatoes, grilled paprika * Mix salad * Fried ice cream
5. Proscutto cantaloupe * Rice with mushrooms * Roast beef with sauce, semolina dumpling, sidedish * Mix salad * Panna cotta

Prices are valid only within half-board or full-board.

Bed and Breakfast Kogoj

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