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Rooms Kogoj are located on the regional road Volčja Draga - Bukovica (Renče) in the Volčja Draga village. They are 8 km away from Nova Gorica, and 5 km from motorway Ljubljana-Italy (exit Vogrsko). There is a train station nearby.

Rooms Kogoj are suitable for guests, who are looking for a very affordable price for their overnight stop on the way or those, who are looking for a reasonable price for longer stays.

Within a radius of 3 km from the facility, there is an inn, small store, ATM machine, bank, post office, train station, bar, bus station and a car workshop. For more information about locations clock on the map below.

Rooms Kogoj is a dependence of Bed and Breakfast Kogoj (Bukovica 1a), therefore all bookings are carried out via the Bed and Breakfast Kogoj reception. On the day of arrival, guests of Rooms Kogoj get their room keys on the Bed and Breakfast Kogoj reception, where they also sign in and carry out other formalities.

Rooms Kogoj

Petka - Kogoj d.o.o.
Volčja Draga 42
5293 Volčja Draga

Slovenija (EU)

Reception: +386 5 93 44 600

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